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We see family conflict as an opportunity to resolve differences, rebuild relationships and reorganize the family:

  • A happy family in two houses is better than a miserable family in one house.
  • A divorce terminates a marriage, but a divorce does not terminate a family.
  • Conflict damages children.
  • A divorce is not to be started lightly - it impacts multiple generations.
  • All divorces cause losses.
  • We all experience a predictable pattern of emotions in response to losses.
  • You choose to start a divorce to make your life better.
  • Revenge against the other party does not make your life better.
  • Life's challenges give us a choice - are we going to be bitter or better?
  • Our best lessons in life come from adversity - what are you going to learn?

REORGANIZE - Family Reorganization (Divorce & other family law matters)

REBUILD - Relationship Rebuilding (Education & Refocusing)

RESOLVE - Conflict Resolution (Mediation, Consulting, Coaching)

  •  A divorce terminates a marriage, not a family.
  • Conflict damages children.

  • I can only change myself; I cannot change the other parent.
  • The right thing for my child often seems unfair to me.

  • My child needs to stay connected to both parents.
  • Life's challenges gives me a choice - am I going to be BITTER or BETTER?