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Family Life Bridge developed One Bridge to Peace workshops in response to continued parental conflict even after attending court-ordered "co-parenting" classes. 

The principles of One Bridge to Peace specifically debunk the notion that it takes two cooperative adults to create an environment of peace and safety for children caught in family conflict.

In One Bridge to Peace workshops, adults who care about children learn how to put aside their own anger, resentment, and pride to create a peaceful and nuturing life for the children they love, even if the other parent/party cannot move beyond their pain, distress, or self-righteousness.  

One Bridge to Peace is regularly presented at Daisy Camp for Women, which is our most trusted resource for helping women create ever-expanding lives through the challenges of a divorce, separation, or marital conflict.

We hope you can join us for the upcoming Daisy Camp Retreat!

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 Ronald Ousky, JD; Jill A. Poppe MacKenzie, JD and Carole Lundell, MDiv

Can encouraging love and forgiveness improve outcomes for families moving through conflict?  This workshop will explore a powerful model for clients to build stability, safety and a full, healthy life after the divorce is final through principles of love and forgiveness. The One Bridge to Peace Model encourages love and forgiveness through which Collaborative Professionals can  foster better outcomes.


One Bridge to Peace workshops can be scheduled for:

  • Community Groups
  • Congregations
  • Employee Groups
  • Professional Organizations
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Any group interested in improving the lives of children and reducing family conflict

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